Alaya Love

Alaya is an elder, wisdom keeper, vision holder, spiritual counselor, meditation teacher and healer using ancient Hawaiian Spirituality Healing techniques and ceremonies. Alaya's spiritual tradition is wedded in Hawaiian Spirituality  traditions, whose ancestry is from the Pleiades and Sirius star systems. She specializes in assisting others in awakening their gifts, talents and true soul purpose. Alaya is internationally recognized and trained in Toltec and Hawaiian Spirituality traditions using very effective, time-tested tools of transformation for the empowerment, awakening and activation of the individual.

Alaya Love was gifted the lineage of a Hawaiian spirituality from the 'Kahuna's Kahuna' of all Polynesia... the beloved Makua from the Big Island. She worked with Makua from 1999 until his death in 2004. Alaya was asked to bring these sacred teachings out to the world during this important time for those ready to RECEIVE, AWAKEN & REMEMBER.

Alaya Love will be leading Living your FREEDOM, PEACE & EMPOWERMENT thru the vibration of the Heart Breath.