Bridget Law


Bridget Law is a fifth generation Colorado Native who has always lived on the front range. It was at the Denver Waldorf School in the third grade that she was introduced to the love of her life, the violin. The connection to this instrument led to years of fiddle competitions, studying Jazz in College, traveling to Scotland to learn Celtic music and following the Bluegrass scene in Boulder County.

Her style on the violin is unique and graceful; she plays with her soul and every tune is a dance. Elephant Revival is her main project for over a decade but she also finds time to support artists that she believes in by weaving her violin melodies into their work and lifting the music to another level. It is easy to find her as a guest performer with countless acts including Everyone Orchestra, Fruition, the Shook Twins, Gipsy Moon, Xerephine, Bonfire Dub, Katie Gray, Sea Stars, WE DREAM DAWN, or playing on specialty shows like The Last Waltz Revisited. Recently her musical prowess is taking a journey with her soon-to-be husband; their group is called “TIERRO with Bridget Law” and their music uses Arabian scales, rock instrumentation and trance melodies to create a unique dance experience. Bridget is also featured on vocals where she sings originals and carefully chosen cover tunes. 


She has always been interested in the Music Business and plans to develop her skills in that area in the future; helping others to succeed in the world of bringing music to the people is a calling for her. In the quiet moments she writes songs, often lullaby in quality for she shares her most vulnerable spaces to create these sweet poetic expressions. Music brings purpose to her life and has led her on great adventures. She is dedicated to living mindfully and sharing that space with others, music is a vessel for that intention.