Gail Eddy

  Gail has a solo practice in worshiping the elements, the spirits, and the Divine that has helped open her heart to new connections and experiences. She has lived in the deep woods of Nederland CO for over 20 years and gained wisdom from the trees and spirits alive in that mystical valley. Dedicated to spirit, Gail's feels we are all still evolving, like the blooming of a daisy; to grow, bloom, and die just to be born again in spring.

 As a parent, friend, and community member she has had many  opportunities for showing up and finding new ways to accomplish something magical. She is apart of the coven the Five Weird Sisters and has been instrumental in co-hosting the Nederland Witches' Ball for 3 years. 

For the past five years she has been diving deep into her inner workings, and been guided to her "best" self through the help and of the Oracle cards. She is honored to pass some of that knowledge and helpful techniques on to others, so they too can find support and guidance in a welcome friend; Oracle cards.

Gail Eddy will be leading us in the workshop Oracle Cards. and the Goddess Chair.