Goddess Chair

A traditional ritual of the 5 Weird Sisters the Women's Only Goddess Chair Workshop is a healing, heart opening, and supportive ritual. Each woman, in the small 10 person group, will have the opportunity to sit in the Goddess Chair surrounded by the other women in the group. She will be massaged, have her hair stroked, and told empowering messages. She can ask advice of the group, tell of an inner problem she may be having, or just experience the nurturing attention and reinforcement the chair provides.

 Those in the chair experience an overwhelming sense of support and appreciation and leave with the strength to face their difficulties. After time in the Chair, the woman will rejoin the group and help in supporting another sister by continuing the cycle, and creating a small sacred community.

Goddess Chair is led by 4 of the 5 Weird Sisters - Kimba Stefane, Kim Culver,  Janette Taylor, and Gail Eddy