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Goddess Tarot

The rising of the Divine Feminine and the ancient mystical oracle of the Tarot blend together in the 21st Century. First we will engage in a ritual of praise to the Goddess and invoking of the Muses. Then we will discover our archetypal Tarot card. We will learn how to ask a concise question and listen to the answer, receiving the guidance of our guardian angels and the divine mystery.

We will learn to interpret the messages of the cards by beginning to understand the different archetypal symbols each card represents. We will leave with a better understanding of the magic of Tarot, how to give ourselves and others a reading, and a deeper trust in the messages we receive.

 The High Priestess opens the veils of the multiple dimensions of reality at various powerful and challenging times in the history of the world. This is an opportune time for all of us to gather under the inspiration of the Divine Goddess.

Goddess Tarot will be led by Karen Anderson.