Greg Foley

 Greg is co-owner and brewmaster of Crestone Brewing Company where he creates a continually evolving selection of ales, lagers, kombuchas, juns, & sodas as medicine for the people.

His story began in a garage tinkering & experimenting with home-brew, but intense passion and obssession launched it into a deep journey and career still being explored today. His early years were spent absorbing the scientific & technical sides of fermentation through stacks of books and working for breweries in the Boulder-Denver area.

 This laid the groundwork for the emergence and understanding of the mystical nature of fermentation and its role as an art. Over time he developed a particular style relying on creativity and intuition to execute a wide array of styles, flavors, and experiences.

Most recently at Vision Quest Brewery in Boulder, and now at Crestone Brewing Company-- it's been his great pleasure to offer up liquid art created with intention & passion in order to uplift everyone who comes across it.

Greg will be leading The Gifts and Lessons of the Komboucha Mother Culture