Kim Culver

Kim has been connecting with the plants, since she was a child, and her grandfather would take her for walks, and shared what he knew. 
The woods have always called to her, and it's where she is most at home.
She's lived in the mountains, of Colorado, since 1980..
Kim is also a chef, by profession. She loves hosting events, cooking for family, and friends, and celebrating life.
Spiritually, she considers herself a Pagan, and that the Great Mystery wears many robes.

Ann Drucker, who taught Earth Centered Herbalism, at the Rocky Mountain School for Botanical Studies, (which i attended in 1995) is the most influential of her teachers, Along with Feather Jones, who founded the school.
She has also studied the works of Micheal Moore ( Medicinal Plants of the rocky Mountain West) Stephen Bruner (Sacred Plant Medicine), and Susan Weed (Wis Woman Herbal).

Kim was also apart of Ann, and Catherine Hunzinger's program "Chucupate, a year long program devoted to herbalism, and Shamanism. They met on the cross quarter days for weekend intensives, with focus on the season.  "Chucupate" is the Native word for Osha, aka Bear Root, which she harvests near her home.

Kim will be offering her workshop  Green Witch Medicine Making and the Goddess Chair.