Mackenzie Page

Born and raised in the West, Mackenzie Page embodies it's adventurous and free spirit though her music, poetry and deep love of nature.

She is most known for her contributions to Colorado based folk band Gipsy Moon and bring texture, and depth to the project with her poetry, sultry voice, tenor banjo and guitar playing.

Mackenzie has played and sang with the likes of Devotchka, Elephant Revival, Ayla Nereo, Fruition, and more and guested at many festivals including High Sierra Music Festival, North West String Summit, and Arise just to name a few. 

Her newest project with partner and Gipsy Moon bandmate Silas Herman, takes her music and songwriting into a calmer and minimal sound, with electric bass, drums, and trumpets adding to the spacious arrangements. 

Mackenzie lives at 9,000 ft in the Rocky Mountains where she writes poetry and songs, reads about history, ritual, paints, and honors nature. She is also the co-hostess of Festival of the Muses.