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Madison Cheshire

Madison Cheshire, CPM is a home birth midwife in Boulder, CO and surrounding areas. She strives to hold sacred space for new families to unfold through the process of pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum time.  

Madison’s passion for birth-work was first ignited with one amazing fact: that after un-medicated births, infants are capable of crawling to the breast and initiating breastfeeding completely unaided. This knowledge sparked her curiosity about what other feats are possible in the childbearing realms and propelled her on a journey of astonishing discoveries about the innate wisdom of our bodies, and the exceptional power we carry as women. In a world where many pregnancies and births are subject to numerous interventions, Madison’s vision is to create safe and sacred space in which our deeper wisdom can be heard and embodied to bring about empowering birth experiences.

She's on a mission to share with the community her passion for natural birth through practical community skills, education, and exploration of the sacred. To find out more look up Madison’s website at


Madison Cheshire will be our Moon Tent Hostess