Mckenna Drake

Makenna drake is a spirited mountain fairy and a lover of laughter. She discovered self love and movement through ecstatic dance and has been twirling down a path of healing through movement ever since. With a concentration in Contact Improvisation, authentic relating, and trauma release Makenna creates safe movement spaces to explore ones light and shadow.

She began my teaching journey recently, about 6 months ago, when she shared my first introduction to contact improv workshop at a small permaculture festival. She was honored to give the gift of movement to those who attended and realized that her role as a teacher didn't stop after the workshop ended, rather continued throughout the weekend. She has taught a similar workshop at cosmic convergence in Guatemala and led several movement journyies around Lake Atitlan this winter. She has recently led a contact improv movement journey at the dandelion festival in Durango and has begun to instruct private contact Improvisation sessions.

 Her teachers are grandmothers, tree spirits, and the water. The women who introduced her to ecstatic movement have been incredibly influential on her journey, but more than that; nature inspires her to dance. Her experiences on dance floors around the world and reflections she has received from those experiences has influenced her work the most. She weaves her way around dance floors and connect with those around her by feeling into their energy, mirroring them, or flashing them a large smile. To watch stagnant bodies come to life in front of her and find their flow is always a special experience.

Makenna Drake will be leading us in the workshop Medicine In Motion