Medicine in Motion: Contact Improvisation experience

This workshop combines dynamic movement with safe touch and authentic relating. Contact Improvisation is a form of dance that helps awaken your intuition and uses physical contact as the starting point for movement exploration and improvisation.

We will start in an opening circle where you will be invited to bring a voice to any fear/joy/resistance you may hold before we begin embodiment practices.

Together we will go on a movement journey that will help still your mind, allow you to find your own flow, and then bring you effortlessly into contact with others. In this journey we will explore the dance on our feet, on the floor, and in the air!

No dance or movement experience is necessary but a sense of humor and desire to let your inner child come out and play is more than welcome. 

Contact improvisation is a form of intuitive dance that can help you find your flow and allow your inner child to come out and play! This guided movement journey will help open your channel through connection to yourself, the earth, and other bodies.

This workshop is led by Makenna Drake