Red Tent Ceremonies

Among the many spaces and workshops at Festival of the Muses, you will find the Red Tent, a teepee designed for relaxation and sacred meditation on femininity.

The Red Tent is modeled after an ancient menstrual hut. Historically, and still practiced in some countries today, women were banished to the Red Tent when menstruating and deemed 'unsure' for the duration of their period. Throughout this banishment, however, women found a space of strength and support; a space to connect with the other women of their community and to relax from daily pressures. 

Adorned with red curtains, alters, tapestries, rugs and pillows, the Red Tent is a space to quietly reflect or connect with others. The hostess of the Red Tent, Madison Cheshire, is a certified Mid Wife and available for questions, reflection and general support on all things yoni. Tea will be available, self serve, and oracle cards, books on menstruation, yoni heath, child birth and more will be available. 

Learn more about the Red Tent hostess Madison Cheshire here.