our vision

We aim to create a sacred space for the mind, body and spirit. A space of community and personal healing to bring back the power of the Feminine, in ourselves, in spirit, knowledge, and essence so that there can be more balance in the patriarchial world today. 

We are inclusive and invite all to come in support and recognition of the feminine in each of us. By nurturing ourselves and allowing for transformation, we return to a simpler state of mind; a place where our own true virtues, dreams and intentions can be heard and understood.

By gathering and experiencing one another we will build bonds that last lifetimes and through sharing skills we will walk away with the feeling of accomplishment, connection, and a greater knowledge of ourselves and the magic we are capable of. 

 Expect to have long soaks and great conversations; to have inspiration soar like a hawk, and the warmth of creativity in your heart like the warm spring waters from the heart of Mother Earth.