Bonnie Paine

Bonnie Paine.jpg

 Bonnie Paine have been playing music since she was a child growing up in Tahlequah, Okla., where in her youth she performed with revered fiddler Randy Crouch. Bonnie is best known as a member of the Nederland new-folk band Elephant Revival contributing songs, washboard, cello, and musical saw. 

 Bonnie’s voice is a haunting instrument that exposes emotions in raw aural form. From the moment she begins to sing, an audiance takes on a hushed, sanctuary-like atmosphere. She can sing just about any lyric and make it sound profound. She played guitar in a restrained style that matched her vocal delivery, and washboard with a determined know how.  When asked about what drives her passion for music, Bonnie repiled "The sense that music is something that can connect people to something outside and deep within themselves. I feel like this is key for any kind of healing, be it environmental or personal."