Oracle Cards and Your Connection to the Divine

We've all heard of Tarot cards and may even have had a reading done. Tarot cards are just one example of Oracle Cards. Oracle Cards are a connection between us and the divine.

Learn how to ask the right questions and to discern the subtle answers. This workshop will introduce you to the variety of Oracle Cards that are available, and how different decks hold the key to a different part of your life experience.

We'll spend some time learning the importance of centering ourselves before every reading and the importance of honoring the connection between the cards, the Divine, and ourselves. We'll learn the process of reading - how many cards - how to shuffle - how to select the card that holds our answer - how to do a reading for another person.

We'll learn how to ask the "right" questions and the importance of writing that down and journaling the response. We'll learn how to consecrate a new deck for our use, and how to periodically cleanse it. 

Oracle Cards workshop will be led by Gail Eddy.