Painting From the Heart With Olivia Jane Art

This class is for all skill levels. Olivia will be bringing us back to ourselves through the ancient art of painting. Through her instruction will will learn to call on spirit and carve image from canvas, bringing it to life in color. 

We will start at a very basic level of noticing tones, saturation and form. We will be harnessing the essence of a still life object and capturing light and color in paint to bring the object to life. With Olivia's patient teaching, we will be building up to colorful masterpieces throughout the workshop and take home a little masterpiece of our own.

We will learn and understand how to see from a painter's perspective and how to carve life from canvas. Leaving with a better understanding of light and shadow, we will depart with the skills and knowledge to continue this ancient craft at home. 

Materials fee: $15 paid to instructor on site.
This class is limited to 15 participants


This workshop is led by Olivia Jane Christian