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The Private Goddess: Developing a solitary Wicca Practice

 Wicca is an earth-based spiritual practice that recognizes the gods and goddesses in every thing and every person, and particularly venerates the power of the natural world. The magic practiced in Wicca is the focusing of that power, celebrating our bond between the seen and unseen worlds.


    This class will cover the basics of a Wiccan practice, such as honoring the Wheel of the Year, setting up an altar, conducting personal rituals and deciding when it is appropriate to form a coven or practice as a solitary. We will discuss what Wicca is, and what it isn't, consulting the wisdom of such Wicca guides as Scott Cunningham, Z Budapest and the Campanellis. Your personal spiritual practice can take shape and root through the Pagan practices that work best for you; this workshop may help you form your path.

The Private Goddess is led by Janette Taylor.