Workshop Guide Opportunity

In ancient times knowledge and skills were passed on from grandmother, to mother, to daughter and on and on for generations. If you are someone who has a honed skill or knowledge and would love to share your gifts with your sisters and brothers please consider applying for our Workshop Guide positions. 



Workshop Guidelines

  • Type of Class.  We ask that you share with us 2 classes that are each at least 1 - 2 hrs in length. You can offer the same class twice or two different classes. We ask that you make a safe, conscious space where  women and men of all ages, genders, and backgrounds can come to learn. We would like workshops to join with us in the intention of uplifting one another into a higher awareness and a recognition of the magic of the Divine Feminine creative Muse. Workshop themes may include but not limited to : Wild Crafting Herbalism, Tincture Making, Book Binding, Speaking One's Truth, Self Marriage, Poetry Writing and Sharing, The Divine Feminine in Music, Tarot Reading, Earth Stewardship, and more.

  • Materials Fee. You may request of students a ($5-$15) materials fee (cash or barter your choice) in the sign up section of your class, but we ask that you do not request of them a payment for your time teaching.

  • Amenities. We have access to water, electricity and shelter. Workshops will be hosted in teepees, yoga room, or outdoors depending on the workshops needs and your request. Please specify in your application. 

  • Teaching Ways and Class Size. Workshop guides can determine class size based on space needed, materials, and subject of class. We will offer a sign up sheet at the welcome table and opening ceremony for students. Please specify student limit, if any, in your application. We encourage you to teach orally and demonstratively, and to create a space of ceremony, gratitude, and openness. We would like you to hold space in which students can dive deep, honor, and reclaim the Divine Feminine within. Be sure to let students know if its appropriate to share the teachings and to pass the knowledge forward. 


We have space for 5 Workshop Guides. 


Applications will be accepted April 15th -May 15th. If your application is accepted your registration for the festival will be $50 due immediately. 


Workshop Application acceptance will close May 15th and we will have a response to you no later than May 20th. If your workshop was not meant for our event or from sheer number of applicants we weren't able to choose your offering, we still hope that you will join us as an attendee and register for the Festival of the Muses here.