What to Expect 

Expect to have time away from the daily bustle. With organic, locally sourced dinners and breakfast, the choice of many workshops led by divine women, the experience of women in song, and the healing powers of sacred hot spring waters, you can expect to leave with an open heart, and open mind; refreshed in body and soul.


Arrival is between 10am-1pm on Friday, September 15th.

 We ask that you arrive before 2pm to get settled and to be present for our Opening Ceremony, led by our honorary Elders, beginning at 2pm.

Attendance to the Opening Ceremony is very important to us as we would like our whole community there to set intention, gain crucial information on workshops, and to celebrate the magic of gathering through group song. Skill-share sign-ups are right after the Opening Ceremony and are first come first serve as well. 

 We ask that you stay with us for the remainder of the festival, unless of emergency, so that we can create a container of stillness, without the comings and goings we are so used to in our fast paced world. 



Check out our tentative schedule HERE



Joyful Journey resides at 7,700 ft. and is arid desert-like environment. It gets warm in the day and cool at night and the stars burn with a brightness that takes the breath away. To fully enjoy your festival experience it helps to come prepared so we've made you a list of essentials and other helpful items. 

Water stations will be provided and ice will be available for purchase. Water in the rooms is drinkable and comes straight from the well.

 Both dinner and breakfast are included in your ticket price. Lunch will NOT be provided so please come prepared. Nearest food is a 20+ mile drive.
Please bring reusable plate/utensils for meals, and trash / recycling / compost bags for your camp waste. 

**There are a wide variety of accommodations (affordable rooms, yurts, etc.) check out our Accommodations page for more information.***





What to Bring

Highly recommended that you bring these essentials.

  • warm comfy clothes - -----think layers
  • light clothes for day ------ Expect all kinds of weather
  • Water bottle / bowl / plate / utensils ---- to help in our environmental impact.
  • Coffee mug / thermos ------ for morning tea and coffee
  • Food for lunch and snacks --- lunch will NOT be provided
  • towel/robe
  • swimwear ---- for Hot Springs
  • sunglasses / sunhat / sun umbrella---- desert-like environment
  • sunblock
  • lip balm / lotion / wipes / toiletries -----again, dry environment 
  • comfy bedding----because, after all, we're here to relax
  • trash and recycling bags for your waste ---- pack it in - pack it out
  •  Your ID for entry

  • Notebook - you may want to take notes in some of the workshops
  • low-chair / meditation pillow / outdoor blanket --- for watching music and attending workshops
  • small bag / basket - for classes and carrying items around
  • Yoga Mat 
  • Musical instruments --- share your gifts
  • extra cash for workshop materials and vendors----- (If workshop requests it & money is paid to workshop leader) 



Camping? Here's a great list of Essentials/RECOMMENDATIONS for the ultimate, relaxing camp:

  • Tent
  • footprint / tarp (for underneath your tent)
  • Shade structure - there are no trees in the camping area - it's desert style. Don't want to camp? Check out our limited rooms/yurts here   
  • tapestries to add for shade
  • Sleeping pad / cot / air mattress
  • comfy and warm bedding - 7,000 feet in September gets COLD at night.
  • Trash / recycling / compost bags for your camp- pack it in...pack it out.
  • chairs / seat cushions / rugs for your relaxation
  • cooler to keep lunches cold - Ice will be available onsite for purchase
  • small table for food preparation
  • propane stove / non-flame cooker for Lunch preparation





What not to bring

We aim to create a place of natural high, to come together in a fresh, clear-minded light. Locally sourced and crafted Wine and Beer will be purchasable at dinners but we ask that you focus on the healing aspects of our journey together. Please leave weapons, drugs, and furry friends at home. 

Also please no glass, smoking of any kind, or drinks (besides water) into the pools or pool area.

Let's respect the sacredness of those special healing waters.